Elementor Pro – See Live Forms in Action!

What a week! As of Black Friday, we opened Elementor Pro for pre-order, and were overwhelmed with the results. With this pre-order, you guys couldn't have shown your support any better, and made all our past efforts worthwhile.

We've gotten a lot of requests to prolong the sale beyond the intended Cyber Monday. To show our appreciation for your massive support, we are extending the 50% discount right up to launch day, the 12th of December.

Don't worry. Your license will be valid one year from 12.12, No matter when you bought Elementor on the pre-order.

Sneak Peek to the Live Forms Editor

We have now released the first in a series of Pro feature sneak peeks. The first sneak peek is for the Forms widget, and shows you the many capabilities of this killer feature.

Pay special attention to the wide variety of designs that can be achieved live, without ever leaving the editor. Building a form from scratch, right from the editor, is something that was just not possible until now.

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Ben Pines

Ben Pines is Elementor's CMO. He has been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years, specializing in content marketing. WordPress has been Ben's platform of choice since the time when it was only used to blog.

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      1. Conditional logic, whenever added will be a great step ahead for researchers and teachers like me.

        I too like what I see till now a lot and hope that support for conditional logic will be added sometime in the near future.

  1. You’re certainly turning a few of my paid CodeCanyon licences into orphans. I’ll add Front End Publishing to the wishlist. I currently use Front End Publishing Pro (excellent) on one site and USP Pro (powerful but complex) on another. Would love to see your solution 🙂

    Yes, I was on of the first to subscribe to the Elementor developer licence.

  2. While I appreciate the effort you put into a sneak preview.

    Does it HAVE to be in super-high speed mode?

    I got more than 90 seconds.

    As it is I am toggling the pause button and
    STILL CAN”T EVENsee the configuration options that you have designed into the builder…

    best regards,
    a big fan with slow eyes.

  3. I am still a bit worried about open source and pro. What about your incentive not to open API to avoid people rewriting pro features etc. some clarification on that topic would help … regards

    1. We have a clear intention to release an API for both the free and Pro versions of Elementor. We encourage developers to develop extensions because is makes our page builder better.

  4. Looks cool, but will it save entries on the site… Often entries are not sent or they disappear if the email is not set up correct…

    Formidablepro saves all entries on the site and that have saved me lots of times…

  5. Very cool. I guess the next sneak peek will be in the backend form controls? Will it be comprehensive like Gravity Forms? Save entries, support for MailChimp etc?

    Great work guys!

    1. No, we have other features to cover. No backend form controls just the panel. It won’t be as comprehensive like Gravity Forms, but you will be able eventually to get integrations to all email services like MailChimp.

  6. I have already ordered but i am getting emails to pre-order and i have not received any membership details, only have received payment email from paypal. I have raised this issue quite a few times but i can’t find any way to reach so called “premium support”.

    1. The premium support will start when the product will be available on launch. Please let us know that you got an email from us with your purchase details. On the 12th of December you will get the download link of Elementor Pro, so you don’t have to worry at all.

      1. I don’t know how to say that I have not received my purchase details from you, can you please send me the details as I have only received email from paypal?

  7. I got the unlimited license and looking forward to the launch.

    You have mentioned that you will have integrations with the “big” name and expensive email marketing providers like Mail Chimp and others……… but I really hope you will also consider an integration with Email Octopus – They provide a much more affordable email marketing service via Amazon SES.

    Many who are just starting out can afford to scale over time much easier with the email marketing service from Email Octopus. I’m not affiliated with them in any way. But I would love to see you integrate your form builder with them to offer an affordable and unique alternative to the big name providers.

      1. Hey Ben, I contacted EmailOctopus and told them about the great form builder you are building into Elementor Pro. Jonathan Bull, the co-founder of EmailOctopus, replied back and said:

        “Our system can easily integrate with any form builder, so it’s just a case of Elementor adding us to their plugin. I’ve sent them an email which will hopefully spur them into action :)”

        This is some exciting stuff. It would be so cool to see you guys get an integration done. You both are offering innovative services that compliment each other really well.

  8. Elementor is great, but I´m sure Elementor pro will become much greater. I´m looking foreward to 12th December too.
    Is there a plan to include uploads and multi-uploads to elementor-forms in future release?

  9. I want to know if this form has especial fields? and if choosing one or the other shows me the subfields that correspond to each one?and also if you can integrate the payment platform/gateway stripe or redsys?

  10. At least with a Pro licence you can be assured that the premium addons are fully supported and backed by Elementor, whereas 3rd party knockoffs are liable to be unsupported at any point in the future.

    1. Sorry you feel that way. The idea of these sneak peek videos is not to serve as a tutorial, like our other videos, but to create interest regarding a future feature release of Pro.

  11. Mailchimp integration? And a great addon would be Gravity forms integration with styling features. And what’s the progress on Revolution slider integration?

  12. Hello Ben, Elementor’s forms have integration with Klaviyo? Do I need to hire Zapier mandatorily? Or maybe can I insert the Klaviyo forms inside Elementor as code? Thank you!

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