Tabs Widget

The Tabs Widget allows you to divide your content into tabs, either horizontally or vertically


  1. Tabs Items: Enter a title and content for each tab
  2. Add Item: Click on the Add Item button to add another tab
  3. Type: Choose Horizontal or Vertical tabs
  4. Position: Choose from Start, Center, End, or Justified

Tip: Items can be moved up or down in the list by simply using the drag and drop method.



  1. Border Width: Set the thickness of the border around the tabs
  2. Border Color: Choose a color for the border
  3. Background Color: Choose a background color for the tabs


  1. Title Color: Choose the color for the title of the tabs
  2. Active Color: Choose the color for the title of the tab that is currently selected
  3. Typography: Set the typography options for the title


  1. Color: Choose the color of the content
  2. Typography: Set the typography options for the content


Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget

How to add a widget inside a Tabs widget

You can insert another element into a tab this way:

  1. Create the element that you want to insert inside a tab and save it as a Global Widget.
  2. Go to your Template Library and copy the shortcode of the relevant global widget.
  3. Within the Tabs widget, click on the Add Item button to create a new tab.
  4. In the text area of the tab, paste the shortcode you previously copied.

Note: Using Elementor template shortcodes within the widget may sometimes work, but it is not a supported feature.

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