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Layers is a theme, so just as Elementor happily works with nearly all themes, Elementor integrates well with Layers. As with any good WordPress theme, you’ll find Layer’s theme options in the WordPress Customizer. Here you can customize Layer’s theme logo and header options, blog and footer options, menus, etc. If you need more design options, Elementor Pro enables you to design fully-custom headers, footers, single posts and pages, archives, and more.

Layer’s page-building widgets are no longer in the WordPress Customizer. Instead, you’ll now find all the page-building design aspects within Elementor.

Below is a comparison table listing all of the previous Layers’ widgets next to the comparable and additional Elementor widgets.

Layers’ Widgets Elementor’s Widgets
Content Image Box
Slider Slides (Pro)
Contact Form (Pro) / Google Maps
Posts Posts (Pro)
Post Carousel (Pro) 3rd Party Options
Social (Pro) Social Icons
Call To Action (Pro) Call To Action (Pro)
Tabs (Pro) Tabs
Accordion (Pro) Accordion
  Inner Section
  Star Rating
  Image Box
  Icon Box
  Image Gallery
  Image Carousel
  Icon List
  Progress Bar
  Sound Cloud
  Menu Anchor
  Portfolio (Pro)
  Login (Pro)
  Nav Menu (Pro)
  Animated Headline (Pro)
  Price List (Pro)
  Price Table (Pro)
  Flip Box (Pro)
  Media Carousel (Pro)
  Testimonial Carousel (Pro)
  Countdown (Pro)
  Share Buttons (Pro)
  Blockquote (Pro)
  Reviews (Pro)
  Facebook Button (Pro)
  Facebook Embed (Pro)
  Facebook Page (Pro)
  Facebook Comments (Pro)
  Template (Pro)
  Post Title (Pro)
  Post Excerpt (Pro)
  Featured Image (Pro)
  Author Box (Pro)
  Post Comments (Pro)
  Post Navigation (Pro)
  Post Info (Pro)
  Site Logo (Pro)
  Site Title (Pro)
  Page Title (Pro)
  Search Form (Pro)
  Breadcrumbs (Pro)
  Sitemap (Pro)
  Woocommerce Breadcrumbs (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Title (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Images (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Price (Pro)
  Woocommerce Add To Cart (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Rating (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Stock (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Meta (Pro)
  Woocommerce Short Description (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Data Tabs (Pro)
  Woocommerce Additional Info (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Related (Pro)
  Woocommerce Upsells (Pro)
  Woocommerce Products (Pro)
  Woocommerce Custom Add To Cart (Pro)
  Woocommerce Pages (Pro)
  Woocommerce Product Categories (Pro)
  Woocommerce Menu Cart (Pro)
  Standard WordPress Widgets
  3rd Party Widgets
  Build Your Own Widgets

Below Is A Comparison Table Listing All Of Layers’ Previous And Current Features Along With The Comparable And Additional Elementor Features.

Layers’ Features Elementor’s Features
Design With WordPress Customizer Live Preview Drag And Drop Editor
Design Bar Design Panel
Theme Options Works With Your Theme’s Options
Blog Archive Layout Archive Layout Templates (Pro)
Layers Messenger Support 24/7 Support (Pro) + Community Support
7 Pre-designed Page Templates 300+ Pre-designed Layouts And Blocks
Mobile Editing (Limited Control) Mobile Editing (Extensive Control)
Google Font Integration Google Font Integration
Typekit Fonts Typekit Fonts + Custom Fonts (Pro)
Font Colors Adjust To Light/Dark Backgrounds Full Control Over Font Colors And Typography
Background Video (Pro) Background Video
Background Parallax (Pro) 3rd Party Options
Advanced Css Options (Pro) Custom Css (Pro)
Automatic Image Resizing Responsive Images
Automatic Page Backups Autosave, Revision History, Undo, And Redo
Google Analytics Integration 3rd Party Options
Site Search (Pro) Search Form Widget (Pro)
Button Styling (Pro) Button Widget
Hide On Devices (Pro) Responsive Visibility
Smooth Scrolling (Pro) Menu Anchor Widget Smooth Scrolling
Parallax Backgrounds 3rd Party Options
  In-line Editing
  Navigator Page Overview Map
  Finder Page And Settings Search
  Shortcut Cheatsheet Window
  Copy / Paste Elements
  Copy / Paste Styles
  Global Colors / Typography
  Global Widgets (Pro)
  Custom Color Picker
  Background Gradients
  Background Overlay
  Css Filters
  Blend Modes
  Elementor Canvas
  Shape Divider
  Box Shadow
  Font Preview
  Font Sizes In Px, Em, Or Rem
  Drop Cap
  Text Shadow
  Draggable Column Widths
  Nested Columns
  Reverse Columns On Mobile
  Custom Breakpoints
  Full Design Control Over All Aspects Of Any Theme, Including Headers And Footers. (Pro)
  Sticky Headers (Pro)
  Make Your Own Reusable Custom Templates For Pages, Sections, Or Widgets (Pro)
  Design Your Own Archive Templates (Pro)
  Design Your Own Single Page And Single Post Templates (Pro)
  Design Your Own 404 Page Template (Pro)
  Design Your Own Search Results Page (Pro)
  Use Dynamic Content (Pro)
  Integrates With Custom Fields From Acf, Toolset, Pods, And More (Pro)
  Template Display Conditions (Pro)
  Custom Design Forms (Pro)
  Integrate Forms With Mailchimp, Drip, Convertkit, Activecampaign, Hubspot, Slack, Discord, And Many More (Pro)
  Action Links Connect With Whatsapp, Waze, Google Calendar And More (Pro)
  Import / Export Templates
  Embed Templates Anywhere (Pro)
  Font Awesome Icons
  Scrolling Effects (Pro)
  Hover Animations (Pro)
  Entrance Animations (Pro)
  Maintenance Mode
  Version Control
  Role Manager (Pro)
  Request Parameters (Pro)
  Replace Url Tool
  Developer API
  Custom Attributes (Pro)
  RTL Ready
  New Widgets And Features Always Being Developed

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