Introducing Elementor 3.0

A New Way
to Build Sites
with Elementor

Revolutionize your workflow, and create faster, more consistent
websites with new professional features.

Build & Manage Your
Site's Design System
From One Place

Implementing design system capabilities enables you to design and edit new and existing websites lightning fast, cut through workflows and shorten time-to-market while maintaining brand and visual consistency.

Global Colors

Define your site’s Design System with Global Colors. Save them once, apply them to any element on your site.

Global Fonts

Set your choices for all fonts on your site – titles, paragraphs and more – and apply them anywhere.

Take Control of your Theme Styles

Access and personalize your theme’s design – headings, buttons, form fields, backgrounds, and image styles – for a new level of consistency and control.

The One Panel Your Design System Needs

Control all Global Elements of your site from one convenient place – including Site Identity, Lightbox settings, Layout and Theme Styles.

The New Theme Builder:
A Truly Visual Guide to Site Building

Control your site’s structure, streamline your workflow, save time and enhance your results. Easily access and design all your essential site parts from one place, and ensure consistency across your entire site.

Intuitive Design

Browse through the essential site parts, see exactly how they look and jump right into designing them.

Easy Access

No more going back and forth – the new Theme Builder is accessible right within the Editor.

Revolutionized Workflow

With the new visual interface, you have a high-level view of your site, where each part appears, which conditions applied and more.

Access the New Theme
Builder with Elementor Pro

Your Site Now Renders Faster

As part of Elementor 3.0, we’ve reduced the number of DOM elements, and improved the process of reading site components from the server. This improves site performance and makes Elementor render your web pages faster.