Details & FAQ

Elementor Cloud

Either you’ve started creating your site with Elementor Cloud, or you’re well underway - we’re here to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your site and subscription. If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

It’s a new way to create fully hosted, professional WordPress websites with Elementor. Elementor Cloud allows you to create a website in minutes, with
Elementor Pro included and no additional installations required.

No matter your level of expertise, we all love saving time. Elementor Cloud let’s you do just that. It’s easy to start your project and faster to finish it. You won’t have to worry about performance, setup, security and more, just focus on what you want to create.

Elementor Cloud is a platform that lets you build a website in a time saving worry free environment, optimized for the Elementor Editor, and also includes hosting and storage. It does not resemble traditional hosting services you may know .

The subscription is for one site, and includes WordPress, Hosting & storage, all Elementor and Elementor Pro features, SSL security, and so much more.  Head over to Elementor Cloud feature page to learn more.

Your site is fully hosted on Elementor Cloud which uses Google Cloud servers. We do all the heavy lifting around server maintenance while you can focus on building your website with Elementor.

In short – everything. During the trial period, all of Elementor’s cloud capabilities will be available for you, so you can go ahead and start creating.

Once the trial expires or the subscription is terminated, you will not be able to access your website’s WordPress dashboard. The site itself will become unreachable. To restore your site, please renew your subscription and contact support.

Of course, so long as they’re not on our unsupported list. See full list here.

For example, if you purchased the Personal subscription four months ago, the upgrade price will be calculated according to the remaining eight months left in your subscription.

To transfer your site to a different host, you could use one of your backup points. Simply download the desired version and upload it through the new hosting service. Please note that when exporting your site, you are not exporting your Elementor Pro license. This means you will need to re-purchase Elementor Pro and connect your new site to your account.

Yes you can, simply download a backup from your Elementor Dashboard and upload it to a hosting provider of your choice. Notice that you will lose access to your Elementor Pro features, and not all of your site settings will carry over to the new provider.

At this time, we only have one plan – a subscription for a single website. Yes, this is a limited offering, this is part of the reason it is offered with an Early Access discount. 

Not at the moment. At present state, you can only create one Elementor Cloud site per account. If you want to create additional sites, you can start by choosing a hosting provider.


Bandwidth – 50GB

Storage – 20GB

Visitors – 25K Monthly

  • SSL Security

Yes. All Elementor Cloud sites have an SSL certificate, completely free.

  • A domain name?
    > You will be able to add your own domain name. By default your freshly created masterpiece will have a domain name like this example:
  • Email accounts?
    > Not at the moment. Our focus is fully on providing the best possible experience for creating an Elementor Website. We highly recommend choosing an email provider that specialises in providing email services. 
  • Transactional emails?

 > Yes! You can send up to 200 transactional emails a month from your Elementor Cloud site. These are emails such as reset password, confirmation email, comment notification and so on.

  • Premium Support? 

>  Yes – 7 days a week, 7am to 11pm GMT +2

  • Automated and/or on-demand backups?
    > Elementor Cloud websites are automatically backed up every 24 hours, and you can retrieve these backups at any time. 
  • A  server control panel?

> You will be able to manage your website through My Elementor. Do not expect a control panel like you would with a hosting company. My Elementor is an environment highly focused on the best possible user experience, saving you time creating your projects.

  • Staging site? 

 No. At Elementor we definitely promote using Staging websites as a best practice.  While Elementor Cloud does not have a Staging functionality at this time, it is certainly on our roadmap to do so.

At the moment during Early Access, we offer one premium plan. In the future, we hope to add more options for you to choose from. In case you would like to delete your account please contact support.

At the moment only the first price tier is open, contact support to let us know if you require an additional site. 

To transfer ownership of your subscription, please contact Elementor’s support for further assistance.

At the moment during Early Access, we offer one plan which includes one website creation. In the future, we hope to add more options for you to choose from.

During this early access period, we do not allow you to delete your website.  The reason for this is the fact that we are currently limiting the number of sites users can create to one. If we allow you to delete this website, you will not be able to create another.  If you want to start from scratch, you can easily reset your site to its original blank state by using a free reset plugin such as

For more information and general FAQ go to or feel free to contact us.