6 Days Before Pro Launches, Watch Slides In Action!

Last week, we released a sneak peek of our Forms widget, which received great feedback from our users.

Today, we are giving you a sneak peek of the Slides widget. Slides simplifies the process of creating slides. It lets you create slides in a much simpler, easier and faster way. No more getting confused by layers, timelines and other messy and over-complicated controls. With Slides, you can rotate any mix of image, title and description, simply and beautifully.

The interface is very intuitive, reacts instantly to any change you make, and brings the UX you’ve grown to love in Elementor to the process of creating slides. Slides, however simple, gives you total customization options over the content. Customize the headline, image, description, as well as the spacing between them.

In less than 6 days, you’ll be able to get your hands on Elementor Pro and start tinketing with Slides, Forms and all the other great features of Elementor Pro. In the meantime, pre-order and enjoy 50% off of the launch price.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
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43 Responses

  1. i think this is rather important, most slider plugins can easily create that effect. It looks a bit ‘outdated’ if the separate content in my slider moves all equally.

  2. I m waiting. Purchased of course, because I have so many problems with the actual tools i m working and learning with. I hope Elementor will do it better.

    Please !!!! – Did I say please? – make the video music (like in “slides”) quieter. I watched it in the night and woke up the whole floor – not expecting its starts so loud!

  3. Love it, can’t wait. Yes please don’t over-complicate this, just plenty of hooks and filters in the right places please!

  4. Will each slide allow for a unique class to be assigned so we can target each slide’s inner content with custom css much easier than using parent > child pseudo :nth-child type selectors?

    i.e. .first-slide h3 { …custom css… }

  5. The point is that Elementor isn’t a Slider plugin and it should not be compared to slider plugins.

    If you are looking for a way to create a fancy slider with crazy animations and many layers etc… You should probably use Layer Slider or Revolution etc.
    Elementor is aiming to provide a solution that is easy to use, with a true live preview, with a simple and user friendly interface, all without ever leaving the page builder.

    Same philosophy applies to the forms widget and other widgets of Pro.
    Elementor may not be able to offer all the options you get when you use a plugin such as Ninja Forms or Formidable – If you need conditional logic or custom actions or other advanced forms features, you should probably use those.
    But for the situations you just want to quickly add a contact form and style it, all without leaving Elementor, Elementor will allow you to do that much quicker and easier than any other plugin out there.

    Having said that, we are always open for our users’ feedback and suggestions. And we will definitely add features and tweaks as we go.

  6. Although these new features are exciting and intuitive, there is a pretty big problem with images not showing up properly when added to sections as backgrounds in cover mode on iOS devices. My concern is that the slideshows may have the same issue.

    I am hoping that this problem is addressed in both the free and premium versions of Elementor before the pro version is released.

        1. I just wanted to be sure we could do it per slide and not only on the main element.

          When I look at existing elements such as tabs or accordions for example, each tab can’t have it’s own class which would be very beneficial for custom css. Yes one can delegate using pseudo selectors but that’s messy.

  7. Hehe, you slowed the video down for this one 😉

    I am getting pretty excited about the launch… got my Unlimited licence and will be spending a few days rolling it out on many client websites.

    One suggestion – if this isn’t done already. It would be great if we could automate the content of the slides as an option. For instance, if I want to make a slide that pulls the latest five posts from my blog / custom post type, and retrieve the featured image to use in the background, along with post title, excerpt etc. That would be cool.

  8. I’m so sad I’m too late to get the pre-launch pricing on Pro. My business partner was out of town and I had to wait until she’s back. Is there any way to get the pre-launch pricing please?

  9. any chance the text could be put in an area below the image?
    add thumbnails too and it can be a nice image gallery for artist.

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