Just 3 Days Before Launch, Here is the Posts & Portfolio Sneak Peek

The Posts & Portfolio widgets are very handy widgets for anyone wanting to showcase a list of posts or projects. In both widgets the UI is very intuitive, so you can easily filter and choose just the right posts and projects you want to display. While the Posts widget includes blog style layouts, Portfolio incorporates layouts that better suit displaying projects and works.

This is the last weekend before Elementor Pro launches. If you still haven’t pre-ordered, these are the last 3 days with the 50% discount off the full price.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
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63 Responses

  1. Please have the option to create custom post type template with the elementor page builder. This will change how we build website completely. Also we would love to see any parallax and svg icon animation but still keeping the experience easy and fast.

    You guys are killing it.

  2. And also it would be nice to set up a general header and footer design with elementor and there’ll be a complete design tool. No need for templates anymore.

  3. I’m really looking forward to Monday and I’m really happy that I preordered the UNLIMITED package. I hope Elementor Pro can keep the promises. It should make my life easier. 🙂

  4. Wow! Elementor Pro will be the best Visual editor leaving behind all the competitors.

    A huge downside is the license. It’s a pity that I have to use KingComposer Pro for themes I build to sell on Marketplace.

    You maybe don”t realize, that most of the clients who need a Visual Editor are Developers .

    Will you have a Developer license for Elementor Pro ?

    Thanks for the great work !!!

    1. Developers have a tough time making money from selling themes alone. With Elementor, you can install the free version of Elementor, then make more money when the user upgrades. It’s a win win because the free version is very advanced already. Stay tuned for the next few weeks when we come out with the affiliate program for theme developers.

  5. Looking good. Please also create custom post type renderer and non ajax listing or is this already possible? One other thing that would be great is a elementor template system for (custom) post types via widgets that include content or meta’s.. any chance?

  6. Hi

    do you have on pro much more presets(demos) added as on elementor free? I need for elementor any theme or i can begin only with a demo or preset?

    greetz greg

      1. Last time I tried the templates the all have been bundled into a kit. Making it hard to only select a specific hero header hope this is much better in Pro with a better overview and custom templates. Pre Ordered today.

  7. I agree with you whole-heartedly Joel. I am beginning to feel the same way. Though I did ‘get’ myself a finished attic bedroom, bathroom, office this Christmas which should be done in January.

  8. I think this is exactly what I was looking for just the other day! Ended up using the Post Widget in WP and not the look or feel I wanted. 3 days and I can change it!

  9. Good afternoon, I pre-purchase elementor pro for 3 sites and I want to extend it to unlimited before 12/12/2017, what I have to do to get it with the prepurchase price? And do I have to send you any information to discount the price paid for 3 sites?
    Thank you very much

  10. I bought the unlimited license Black Friday weekend. I’ve been waiting in anticipation ever since! The free version of Elementor has been a joy to use. I can’t wait to install the PRO version. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  11. +1 Custom post types support 🙂 We use CPT’s for our portfolio / gallery pages… that would be fantastic. I’m sure it’s probably doable with a filter / hook of some kind.

  12. Can I just say you guys are absolutely killing it. This Pro version is looking to be worth every cent paid for, even more. It’s such a breath of fresh air using Elementor compared to the standard WP editor, or other page builder plugins for that matter. Happy to be a supporter of this fantastic project!

  13. Just tried to use the theme, but had this result:

    “Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.”

  14. Is there an Elementor “Wish List” (feature request) somewhere?
    My wishes:
    * Alt tags per image instance rather than only in the media library. The sites’ I’m converting already have unique alt tags set per image usage on each page.
    * Maybe there is an option I have not yet found, but can we remove Google fonts? Since they slow the load time, I want to do without them. Page speed is why I switched from Divi to the GeneratePress / Elementor combo.
    * Parallax effect

      1. Did it with the Hello World Widget… quick hack and works for text so far.

        (1) Added new fields with pods:

        (2) Created a Elementor template with pods magic tags

        (3) Added the template via the modified hello world widget that basically renders the template into a var and pipes it into pods as a template:

        $pods = pods();
        $html = Plugin::instance()->frontend->get_builder_content_for_display( $template_id );
        echo $pods->template( null, $html);


        Works like a charm.

  15. Is there a place to leave suggestions?
    What about a “Header-Widget”?
    Us s sidebar as the header where users can design their headers as they like.
    Including site_title, tags like , logo with link ho home, …

  16. I am missing a pagination function on the post widget, I would have loved to make it my blog layout, bu I’ll have to use an other plugin for this functionality

  17. Elementor ROCKS and I love the Posts widget, but unfortunately tech support had no answer for me about adding an ellipsis to the end of post excerpts, so I find one on my own and wanted to share. If you miss the excerpt ellipsis as I did, add this to custom css:

    .elementor-post__excerpt p::after {content: “…”;}

    I have another support question in now about the posts image div not collapsing if a post has no featured image, leaving too much white space, so let’s see what they say. Regardless, Elementor will still ROCK!

    1. The ellipsis should be automatic. We shouldn’t have to request it. Is this on the list of things to fix?

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