Elementor Talks #4: Why Jupiter Theme is Switching to Elementor

This week, we interview Maziar Firuzmand, the co-founder of Jupiter, one of the most popular WordPress themes. We talk about how Jupiter managed to grow through their focus on design and more specifically functional design.

Maziar Firuzmand is the CMO and co-founder of Artbees, one of the leading producers of WordPress themes. SInce 2009, Maziar and his partners have been helping to develop a more beautiful and user-oriented web. Their flagship WordPress theme ‘Jupiter’ is ranked as one of the Top 10 WordPress Themes in the world, and their user base includes over 100 thousand customers. 

Listen to the full interview, and read about the significant takeaways that followed.


Making the Switch to Elementor

The main reason why Artbees decided to rebuild Jupiter using Elementor is their need for a reliable and stable solution that would be able to support a popular theme with such an expansive user base. Such a decision is not easy. Migrating a theme involves basically building it from the ground up. This process might take months for the theme developers, but it’s the only way to stay relevant and updated. Artbees will now be able to enjoy the high performance, coding standards, and design flexibility that Elementor offers. The new version of Jupiter, rebuilt with Elementor, will be available in the upcoming months.


Follow the Feedback Trio

Any business owner, whether it’s a web design agency, software provider or startup, should develop its product or service according to the three fold model.

This model follows the Lean Startup approach and includes: 

  • Building
  • Measuring
  • Learning

Implementing this model will guarantee your product success.


Feedback is as Important as the Product

Getting customer feedback is a crucial factor for every business, whether it’s done through surveys, analytics, or interviews. You have to filter out the excessive noise and know which parts of the information your gather is actually useful and can help improve your product. If you created a great product, but you cannot measure how it works, sooner or later – it is bound to fail.


Don't Leave Everything to One Person

When building a website, it is well worth to consider working with different professionals for different tasks. Relying on one person to do everything (design, development, promotion and so on) might be cheaper, but it’s also a lot riskier. The result will also probably be unprofessional, since it’s highly unlikely to find someone who is an expert in all fields.


Remote Can Be Great But Not for Everyone

Remote working is ideal for a business whose product is already established, and the workflow is clear. In this scenario, working remote can help reduce costs. However, if you want to build a product from the ground up, at least the product design and product development should take place on location. 

What’s the role of design in your own business? What did you relate with most in the interview? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author

Matan Naveh
Matan Naveh
Matan is Elementor's Magazine editor. Starting his career as a Radio Broadcaster, he worked as a content manager and Editor-in-Chief for over 10 years. Matan enjoys psychological horror movies and 80's Chinese restaurants.

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17 Responses

  1. This was a great interview to listen to; a ton of good information about the start up process and growth of a WordPress theme. I really liked hearing how they were not happy with the development of VC and the path they have been going and that they needed a solution that could take them into the next few years of theme development.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Maziar Firuzmand – Where is Jupiter 7? Would love to actually see how Elementor has been integrated. From what it looks like, the Header function in v6 is perhaps using Elementor?

    1. Thanks for your interest Kel. We are also excited to see the Elementor community’s feedback! The ETA for next version is early this fall. and no header builder in V6 is not built with Elementor and is built from ground up.

  3. Good news!
    Elementor should be a option for all popular themes in ThemeForest. VC grew up unbelievable, but now it’s overweight and I think too late for WPBakery get it back , no country for old man!

  4. Not a fan of VC – great move to choose Elementor instead! WIll definitely buy Jupiter 7 and test it out.

    Will it be the Pro version that is bundled with the theme?

    1. Pro can’t be bundled inside themes as it’s proprietary code. It requires a paid licence to use. However you can bundle Elementor Free as it’s GPL.

    2. Hi Nathan, the free version will be integrated but some features such a shop single customization, blog single customization, Header and footer builder will be natively available.

    1. You can expect Elementor integration from the next major Jupiter version later this year. when it’s out you can use Elementor Pro with it as well.

      1. Thank you so much for coming back to me so quickly 🙂 If purchasing now, will the transition to Elementor retain all the styling/layouts created with the existing VC/Jupiter intergration?

        Thanks again!

        1. No! Both builders will be available but the websites created by VC won’t be compatible with Elementor and should be re-created with Elementor.

          1. Gotcha!
            Thanks so much again – will hold off until the fall then, once V7 is released –
            Will continue to use OceanWP with Elementor Pro and create the header and footer that way for now – appreciate all your guidance

  5. Is there any concrete date known for the release of Jupiter 7 already? Fall is already here and I am planning several websites this time of the year. Would be nice to know if I should wait a little longer for Jupiter 7 to come around.

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