How to Customize Your Bluchic Theme With Elementor Page Builder

Bluchic themes have become synonymous with stylish, chic & feminine design for WordPress, and are a great choice for anyone looking to create a beautiful and professional website.

In this guide, I’ll show you just how easier it is to create a stunning Bluchic website using Elementor page builder. Elementor supercharges the way you work with Bluchic, and adds a lot of capabilities when designing Bluchic websites.

Why Choose Elementor as Your Bluchic Page Builder

We’ve made sure all Bluchic themes are 100% compatible with Elementor. With Elementor, you can make changes to the design, appearance and layout, in a super-fast and intuitive way. 

Design Your Pages, Live

Elementor integrates seamlessly with Bluchic themes, so every change you make on the page is updated instantly, right before your eyes.

Make Your Posts Remarkable

You can add a nice twist to your posts with Elementor. Enrich them by playing around with the layout, images, colors, typography and other design elements.

Build Your Landing Pages

Create any landing page design with Elementor's endless layout and widget options, and align them to match Bluchic's brand colors and style. You can also utilize the template library to quickly get landing pages completed.


Get the Most Out of Elementor & Bluchic

As mentioned, Elementor works perfectly with any Bluchic theme, right off the bat and with no customizations needed. Here are 3 tips to help you make the most out of this combination of theme + page builder.

Hide Bluchic Page Title

If you are using Elementor to customize the homepage or landing pages, you are most likely going to remove the theme's title. Luckily, this is easily done within Bluchic's theme setting.

Using Shortcodes

With Elementor, I am able to utilize Bluchic’s shortcodes in order to embed differrent elements into the page. I can embed accordion, slider, newsletter or any other Bluchic shortcode, and see it render live on the editor.

Use the 'Blank' or 'Full width' Templates

Bluchic themes come with blank and full width templates. These come in handy when creating landing pages or homepages that span the entire width of the screen.

Getting Started With Elementor

There are a many options to explore within Elementor, but I recommend starting out with these 4 basic guides:

Install Elementor?

Create a basic page layout?

Use the Library to insert pre-designed templates?

Use Mobile Editing to create responsive pages visually?

Final Note

We’ve seen that Elementor is a great page builder for Bluchic, and works seamlessly with any Bluchic themes, and drastically improves and speeds up the way you design Bluchic websites. If you are a Bluchic user, we’d love it if you could share what you thought about using Elementor page builder within your Bluchic theme.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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10 Responses

  1. I am actually looking for sample blog post template something like the above actually from Elementor. I am happy with elementor. The design looks good actually. Hope elementor would be able to include them in the next update.

  2. Awesome one more question, I tried to add the social icons within my post but they only link to the actual post how can I get the social buttons to get people to share my stuff instead? Thanks

    1. What do you mean ‘Share your stuff’? This is not possible with our social buttons. You can use our icon widget, choose the social network, and link it wherever you wish.

  3. Hello Elementors, I would like to know if Elementor (for me the BEST content builder for WP) is compatible with Flatsome (WooCommerce theme). Can I use Flatsome and create with Elementor Pro my Home, product pages, etc? Thank you very much and GREAT job!

    1. Elementor works with any WordPress theme, including Flatsome. You can use Elementor Pro’s WooCommerce widgets to create your product pages, home etc…

  4. Update October 2017 : Elementor doesn’t work anymore with Flatsome UX builder. I use both i can confirm. Hope it will in the next future.

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