Elementor Pro – Finally Revealed!

If you’ve been following Elementor since our launch, then you’ve seen firsthand how we managed to rock the page builder market on WordPress.

Now, a few months after launching the free version, we are almost there with the release of Elementor Pro. This is scheduled for an official launch on the 12th of December.

With Elementor Pro, we plan to recreate another earthquake, with features never before seen on any other page builder. This is your chance to be the first to receive Elementor Pro, by pre-ordering it on our BlackFriday 50% off sale.

What To Expect With Pro

Here are the new features only available on Elementor Pro:

  • Live Form Editor: Never again work on forms on the backend
  • Posts, Portfolio & WooCommerce Widget: Showcase your content in every possible way
  • Global Widget & Embed Anywhere: Edit cross-site templates from one place
  • Custom CSS: Add CSS and see it in action
  • New Widgets: Slides, Countdown, Price Table & Price List
  • Pro Templates: Exclusive templates, specifically designed for Pro users
  • Much more to come soon…

… And don’t miss the video!

Why Go Pro?

I know it’s difficult to grasp the subtleties of what you can or cannot do with the basic free plan, and consider whether you really need to go pro.

Basically, you can think of Elementor Pro as the perfect plugin for people who want to control their entire website much, much easier. With features like Global Widgets, Embed Anywhere and Forms, you are able to create much more advanced websites, and create them much faster than before.

This really is just the beginning, and if you’ve followed our free plugin, you know we are relentless in coming up with new features and benefits.

What’s next?

The official launch will be on the 12th of December. Meanwhile, you can buy Elementor Pro on the preorder. This way, you will be the first to receive the Pro plan on the launch day.

In the following days we will publish sneak peaks, in anticipation for the final launch.

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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50 Responses

  1. It sounds all very promising! Right now I’m trying out Elementor free on theme Weaver Xtreme Plus. This theme allready has endless possibilities and almost none restrictions. With Elementor Pro I think it is an excellent combination to make beautiful sites following completely your own taste and design. However, the learning curve is high. I go for it!

  2. Excited to see pro is finally happening. I’m interested to find out how you will be dealing with distribution of the pro version bundled with a Themeforest theme. Would this be allowed through the unlimited license?

  3. Hi Ben,

    Having Elementor Pro as an addon means Elementor Developer API is finished when you release Pro… This is great… Can’t wait…

    Btw, I just realized that “Go Pro” button on this post still goes to Elementor plugin download page, not Pro. Please check it.


  4. Great work! Love Elementor. One little comment.

    Countdown widget is still listed as coming soon on the free version page, but is also an exclusive pro widget?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Hopefully same price or less , as unfortunately I had many companies not honouring there introduction price, get you hooked in and then next year charge you more.

  6. Funny, I stated on your YouTube channel that I enjoyed using the free version so much, I felt guilty not paying for it. Days later you pre-launch PRO! Let’s just say, “I put my money (1-year license) where my mouth is,” and suggest others follow suit. I wonder if it’s too late to get my money from that other theme builder… hmmmm… lol.

    Where’s the launch party at? Congrats!

  7. Hi, when you say new widget: slides, do you mean real slider where you can put text and button on top of image/slides? Because I am waiting for something like that on elementor…

  8. Good evening, I´m interested in the purchase of Pro-elementor with the preorder price of 49 USD for 3 sites but want to know if I need to upgrade it to unlimited will you deduct the $49 from the $99 that the unlimited costs?

    1. That depends when you upgrade. If you upgrade after this Monday 28th of November then you will have to pay $100 extra. Upgrade now, and you’ll only pay $50 extra.

  9. I’ve been using Headway since 2007. Beaver Builder since early 2015. Both have been great. Over the past week I’ve been playing around with Elementor and so far I am pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use. The question I have, if we buy Elementor Pro for the discounted price of $99, when it comes to renewing will we get 50% off the $99? Which would come out to $49.50/yr. If so, sign me up. Thx.

  10. Hi, I am located in Pakistan and at the time of payment via credit card, my country Pakistan is not appearing in the countries list. so I can’t enter billing address.

    How to proceed further? today is last day of promo.

    1. The reason is PayPal doesn’t work with Pakistan. We will try to solve this problem but for now it seems like you cannot sign up.

  11. I have asked many times and I don’t think I have been answered, ONLY said it will BUt on my end it does not
    1) i can not get elementor to work with woo e commerce,
    the site index page the cart page the checkout page these work

    BUT when i try to open elementor on the product and catalog pages I get an message that says i need to add a function code to the theme

    i am told this plugin works CAN you help me fix this matter ?

    BEEN DAYS and all i get is yes it works.. but not HOW TO

    can any one chime in ?

    thanks :]

    1. We still don’t have support for product pages. This will come soon in the Pro. In the meantime you’ll be able to showcase your products on any page with the WooCommerce widget we have coming out Monday on Pro.

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