Celebrating 4 Million Active Installs — Vote for the Next Elementor Feature!

We are thrilled to announce today 4 million active installs! To celebrate this milestone, we invite you to vote for the next feature to be released!

The last six months have been a wild ride. So wild in fact that we’ve reached 4 million users, in a span of 182.5 days! (i.e. 6 months). Six months before the 3 million, we were at 2 million. That means in 1 year alone, our user-base has doubled in size. 

Let’s put these numbers into perspective for a moment, shall we?

Take Dropbox, for example. After being founded in 2007, Dropbox reached their 1 million milestone in April 2009. Five months later, in September 2009, they reached 2 million, and two months later, they reached three. It took Dropbox 5 months to double their user base. That’s fast.

And have you heard of Slack? We’re big fans of theirs. Proud users, in fact. They were founded in 2009 and had 4 million users by 2016. 2018 brought them 8 million, and the beginning of 2019 brought them 10 million. Most recently, they reached 12 million users in Q4 2019

Now back to us. We’re still in shock, the good kind of shock! We are blown away by how loyal our user community is. Yes, that means you!

We also can’t hide the fact that we now have 4,567 5-star reviews on WordPress.org. And, our last pat on the back, we’re now the 8th most popular plugin on WordPress. Score. 

But really, it’s you we should be bragging about, and not the other way around. Our active Elementor community is the product’s best of the best feature, more so than we could have ever dreamed of. 

The best part of it all is that Elementors (you, the users) can be found all over the globe. We can’t believe how contagious the love for Elementor has become. 

As you may know, the features we dished out in 2019 are as hot as ever: 

As a token of our gratitude and love for you, our users, we’re putting the ball in your court with our upcoming features. 

  • Lead Collection — When a user submits a message through an Elementor form, collect emails inside of Elementor and view the entire list of leads.
  • Steps for Forms — A new addition to our form builder: allowing you to build multi-step forms. 
  • Lottie Widget — Lottie is a library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations easily on iOS, Android, Windows, React Native and more.
  • Instagram Widget — Showcase your Instagram feed directly on your site.

In other words, which of these 4 features would you like us to release? We’re conducting a vote so that we can delight our users with the plugin of their choice. 

In all seriousness, we can’t thank you enough. For downloading, for designing, developing, and all that you do. But most of all, for Elementing! 

About the Author

Matan Naveh
Matan Naveh
Matan is Elementor's Magazine editor. Starting his career as a Radio Broadcaster, he worked as a content manager and Editor-in-Chief for over 10 years. Matan enjoys psychological horror movies and 80's Chinese restaurants.

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63 Responses

  1. Congratulations with this great achievement! I miss only a feature were I can vote on: create your own template/skin including custom fields for a loop item that can be used in the post or product archive.

    I think I am not the only elementer fan who would vote on this 🙂

  2. The video was somewhat disturbing hahaha

    if they have planned on their roadmap to improve the speed a little more? Lately it has been a very important factor and when using builder it is difficult to control some aspects.

    1. Hi Oscar. Speaking from experience, I can tell you the slow issue is with your hosting provider, not Elementor. My old site was 1MB and loaded in 4 seconds. I switched to Liquidweb, and my new 4MB site loads in less than 1 second. I don’t get paid for the recommendation btw. If you scroll to the top of this page you’ll see a resources link with dropdown to wordpress hosting with lots of great options.

      1. Hi! I understand your point. and of course liquid is a top hosting is among the most expensive out there I have a coupon that was given to me but I can’t afford that hosting. What I don’t like very much is elementor for very basic things makes excessive use of divs, generating a lot of doom in the code. I love elementor and I would not exchange it for anything in the world, I just wish they would also pay attention to improving this.

        1. As long as we’re mentioning other products, Nitropack.io has helped me to get crazy good speeds even on shared hosting. I am with WPPronto but I’ve gotten similar results on InMotion and SiteGround, which are waaay more affordable than Liquid (though I’m also a Liquid fan).

        2. Liquidweb managed hosting is like $19/mo for one site, but if you’re looking to save money on hosting multiple sites, their standard hosting is like $60/mo for unlimited sites I think. Getting a good host is crucial if you do web design for a living. It’s not the place to skimp.

          What do you mean about the divs and doom code? Do you have a video or post on this? I’m curious!

    2. Try WPRocket. Just released a site build with Elementor. A97 on Pingdom / A99 – A96 on GT Metrix on a shared hosting server (€ 10 a month).
      And stay away from bloated plugins.

  3. How about a footnote widget that automatically matches a superscript number at the end of a sentence with the linked source at the bottom of the page?

    For a comparable functionality, look at any Wikipedia article.

    1. I agree, since Elementor is a webdesign tool, a central place to define, import and export the styling would be a logical next step. The more professional themes allready do this.

  4. You rock guys! I´ve been a proud user of Elementor since 2017 and I couldn´t be happier.

    Can I suggest a minor improve to the Form Widget? When adding the Email field to Actions after submit it doesn´t work 100% of the time, and the only way to fix it it´s through a SMTP plugin (you get the “Server error, form not sent” message and you cannot submit the form properly).

    We´ll see you next week at Madrid Elementor´s meetup!

  5. It is a fantastic milestone – congratulations!

    Elementor has transformed my workflow, however there is one major omission in the tool kit – a good events calendar tool. Create and display events in multiple categories (with custom fields) with a customisable list view/calendar view on the site front end.

    This functionality is essential for so many sites, and with this integrated, there wouldn’t be anything I have to use additional plugins for. Elementor would move from ‘useful’ to ‘essential’ to my workflow with this and I’d buy even more licenses! (9 and counting!)

    1. Try Modern Events Calendar from Webnus. It plays nice with Elementor and you can add it on about any page using it’s flexible shortcodes and Elementor’s shortcode element.

  6. Elementor came a long way, and became page builder #1. New features that I like to see are:

    – Transparent header (for now I must code that, or use separate plugin)
    – Global settings for fonts
    – Conditional logic for Elementor forms (This is why I use mostly Gravity Forms for form submitions)

    , and most important:

    – Unused CSS and JS shouldn’t be included in a page – you should add feature that users can turn off unused widgets. Only code that is used on a page needs to be on front end.

  7. To my mind, you asked about 4 unimportant things.

    These are 2 the most important things:

    1. the lack of possibilites to build: Cart Page, Checkout Page, Order Tracking Form, or My Account Page, Shop product filters, Advanced shop views.
    Elementor is not compleated Page Builder.
    This is the serious lack.

    2. Extreme waste of code that slows down every elementor website: https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/9647
    Every elementor page is very slow.

    Even your website is really Sssssllllllloooooooowwwww:

    These are really important things, not instagram widget or any other lottie widget etc.

    1. 2. Google Pagespeed Insight not only check load speed, the result not only about page speed like Tools Pingdom or Gtmetrix.
      If you check by yourself, most of popular websites have very low point from Google Pagespeed Insight if they don’t us AMP mode.

      1. About ” the lack of possibilites to build: Cart Page, Checkout Page, Order Tracking Form, or My Account Page, Shop product filters, Advanced shop views”. WooCommerce control it’s own templates and not easy to control it’s pages by page builder. Can you tell me what’s page builder help you build that pages easier than Elementor and Elementor Addons?
      If there are any plugins can build all pages of WooCommerce easily, it should be WooCommerce extension, not page builder.

    2. Oh yes yes yes!

      I have to switch off widgets i don’t need, i have to spend time going through plugins and deactivating them because when i go through my code I see lines and lines of JS not being used thats slowwwwing down my websites.

      I didnt get this with other page builders.

      This issue needs to be addressed, its all good when you host on a very fast server but a lot of my clients are not prepared to pay insane hosting fees for a non merchant site and thus go the cheaper option. And thats where Elementor breaks down.

      8 second page loads for simple pages because of all the scripts being loaded from plugins which like you I only use 1 (most times its a widget that elementor couldnt have implemented) is not good enough at this stage.

  8. It ‘s possible please to add spacing rules and controls as part of the new global theme styles feature? if yes during the process it’s important to store what I did in the Elementor normal layout?

  9. With all my love to Elementor !
    IT’S been a years that you didn’t change the Interface and builder ability! I’m tired of this old interface, these days it’s not a true front end editor !

    1.We expect from #1 page builder that bring us ability to change things on the go and like Divi builder that you can resize and edit them very quickly!

    2. Inflection add ons ! How does it possible that we could use more add ons together ! Like WPBakery if you add 30 add ons plugin it still working !

    Those futures that you put in the list can resolve with add ons. But these two NO!

    Thank you so much.

  10. We would love to have a better woocommerce integration, and the chance to add click out fields in the price lists, so we can integrate the mandatory “I agree with the terms and conditions, etc etc”

  11. After interacting with the Elementor developers on GitHub, this video explains a lot… 😉

    My suggestion: When you reach 5 million installs, celebrate by treating your developers to a relaxing and invigorating spa weekend.

  12. To be honest, those 4 are nice, but can be achieved with 3d party plugins/widgets and I rarely need them. What I really would like to see is better basic site management, for instance a place for better handling of global css. Like sitewide css settings for basic html body elements like a (underlined or not, color), p, li, blockquote etc. etc. Widget settings can then override these in template regions if needed. Now it is the other way around. When I add link css to the a element in the Hello themes Custom css section , all local widget settings for links are gone.

    And ofcourse the many times added feature request for nested sections/widgets.

    In general I would like to see less fancy stuff that can attract new users and more ‘core’ improvements.

  13. Feature request:

    Post filtering (similar to the sidebar product filtering in WooCommerce product page. The ability to filter by categories, tags, custom fields, etc. Yes, this can be done with jet engine but I prefer to use Elementor without installing extra plugins.

  14. Congratulations! Could there be a permanent idea-voting system, like Woocommerce has?
    First idea i would post is a pop-up activation on hovering!
    Thanks for the great plugin and keep it up!!

  15. Perhaps something like the ability to focus on an element, section or widget and bring it forward or take it back on the page without having to adjust the Z settings, a click could change its Z setting by maybe 10, either up or down, also bring to front or take to back. sometimes when editing elements on a page with negative settings can be tricky!
    Another nice feature would be when editing in responsive mode, say for mobile, all non-mobile settings could be hidden with a toggle on or off.

  16. It’s not one of your option, but elementor pro really needs a native table widget!
    Tables managed with plugins are hard to manage!

  17. None of those features help me as a designer and if i need to use those features i use 3rd party.

    What we have been asking for better control on sitewide controls, especially with fonts and colours. Maybe its coming, don’t know, but that is something we have been asking forever and i dont see it in the list on this page.

  18. How about some help with optimising Elementor websites for Pinterest? I cannot find a plugin for getting the most out of Pinterest, that is integrated with Elementor.

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